Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program


The practitioner role necessitates a strong clinical background.  Therefore, applicants need to have at least one year's full time experience (2,000 hours) as a registered professional nurse before beginning nurse practitioner clinical courses.  The autonomous and collaborative roles of the nurse practitioner in primary care demand socialization into those roles, knowledge of multiple practice models, and development of accountability for direct provision of health care services.  Clinical experiences with faculty and preceptors provide a variety of experiences with physicians and nurse practitioners in varied geographic locations, and with clients from different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.  There are intensive clinical placements with preceptors.  A total of 590 clinical hours and 45 credits are required in order to meet the changing professional expectations in this practice area, and to be eligible to take the ANCC certification exam.

Course Requirements

(Prior to registering each semester, students need to meet with their advisor for individual program planning)

Total Credits