Professional School Counseling with Counseling Services (M.S.)

Degree and Certification Requirements

New York State presently requires successful completion of 30 hours of graduate study and a supervised internship for provisional certification as a school counselor. This certification is valid for five years. Permanent certification requires further graduate study through completion of a total of 60 credits in guidance and counseling, attainment of the master’s degree and two years of relevant experience.

  • Applicants for New York State certification will have to be fingerprinted and undergo a criminal history review, per New York State Law.
  • United States citizenship or Declaration of Intent to become a U.S. citizen is a requirement for certification in New York State.
  • The Esteves School of Education requires all students to subscribe to LiveText, an electronic portfolio system.

Program Prerequisites

  • EDU 201 (or equivalent)  - Education and Society
  • PSY 202/203/208/PSY570 (or equivalent) - Developmental Psychology
  • PSY207/MAT220 (or equivalent) - Applied Statistics

Practicum and Internship Requirements

  • Candidates must have completed required credits and must have approval of the program director to enroll in the internship.
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Non-Credit Requirements

These requirements shall be met prior to internship

  • Identifying & Reporting Child Abuse
  • School Violence Prevention Workshop
  • DASA Workshop

LiveText e-Portfolio System

The School of Education requires all students to subscribe to Live Text, an electronic portfolio system.

School of Education Attendance Policy

While individual instructors may approach attendance and participation in varied ways in their grading policies, students in the School of Education should be aware that missing 1/4 or more of class sessions MAY result in AUTOMATIC class failure. Class content and participation are vital to meeting the objectives of School of Education courses.

Total Credits