SCP 575: Appraisal in School Counseling

Appraisal Process in School Counseling prepares school counseling students to apply sound principles of measurement and appraisal in the counseling process with students, staff and parents. Current issues related to the use of standardize tests and alternative forms of assessment will be considered. Computer applications and systems appropriate to school counselor functions will be included. Basic steps in the planning and conducting of research in the school setting will be emphasized. This course includes studies that provide an understanding of individual and group approaches to assessment and evaluation, including basic concepts of standardized and non-standardized testing and other assessment techniques including norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessment, environmental assessment, performance assessment, individual and group test and inventory methods, behavioral observations, and computer-managed and computer-assisted methods. Particular emphasis will be given to use, management, analysis, and presentation of data from school-based information (e.g. standardized testing, The New York State Learning Standards, grades, enrollment, attendance, retention, placement), surveys, interviews, focus groups, and needs assessments to improve student outcomes.