ART 511: Art Criticism and Aesthetics

Class Program

An in-depth experience with various theories and practices of criticism and aesthetics as they relate to both the Western European tradition and non-western art. Students will examine both craft forms as well as high art. Candidates will participate in group and individual critiques of their own and their classmates' art work.

ART 520: Media Literacy

Class Program

This course focuses on exploring the uses of media and technology in the classroom. The course addresses the development of media literacy skills There is a focus on Macintosh computer based exploration with interactive media applicable to the art classroom. There is an open lab component to this course offering hands on experience in available technologies. Multi-media integrated arts presentations will be developed for field testing in K-12 classrooms.

ART 521: Topics: Dimensions in Art

Class Program

There are three topic areas: Art & Ethnicity, Art & Society, and Art, Past & Present. The courses will be rotated so that each is taught once every three years. Topics of seminars and the focus of studio strategies are based on current concerns in the visual art profession such as multiculturalism and reaching diverse audiences and student populations. Focus is placed on developing an understanding of the types of cultural and personal forces that form visual art and in turn shape diverse cultures of past and present societies.

ART 557: Ideas in Visual Art

Class Program

This course focuses on the creation of art that communicates ideas through different materials. Two and three dimensional materials and methods are explored. There is an emphasis on using materials to explore the possibilities for self-expression. There is also a focus on linking these skills to the ability to develop visual arts curricula for P-12 students. This course emphasizes making 3-D sculptural and 2D design projects from materials that are accessible in candidate and student environments, using processes appropriate for use with individuals of all ages.