Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism (M.S.)

Degree Requirements

  1. Completion of all required courses.
  2. Students who choose to complete the clinical practicum sequence will meet all requirements for application for the BACB certification exam.

New York State Internship

  • NYSED requirement for licensure
Item #

Eligibility for Board Certification

Those who complete the master’s program in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism with practica are eligible to take the national examination to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  Those who complete the master’s program without taking the practicum courses will meet the coursework requirement for the examination, but will need to arrange to complete Independent Fieldwork as per the BACB’s standards to meet the experience requirement. 

Notice to Applicants & Candidates

Services restricted to New York State licensed professionals, including licensed psychologists, cannot be rendered by program students or graduates unless: (a) they are licensed in New York State to provide such services, or (b) they provide those services in an exempt setting as salaried employees.

Esteves School of Education Attendance Policy

While individual instructors may approach attendance and participation in varied ways in their grading policies, students in the Esteves School of Education should be aware that missing 1/4 or more of class sessions MAY result in AUTOMATIC class failure. Class content and participation are vital to meeting the objectives of Esteves School of Education courses.

Total Credits