Technology Use

Through SageNet - the computer network of Russell Sage College - students, faculty and staff can access networked software, e-mail, the Internet, and library resources. Rooms in the residence halls are hardwired into SageNet. SageNet is also accessible via a bank of dial-up high speed modems. Many of the campus classrooms are equipped with computer demonstration and network access equipment.

Upon registering at Sage, all students are issued the following accounts:

  • A SageNet account, which provides access to disk storage space on SageNet, electronic media at the Sage Libraries, and dial-up access to SageNet;
  • My Sage account, which supports e-mail service, is the official college information distribution system, and provides basic online academic support;
  • A Moodle account, which is the online tool for all of the College‚Äôs courses. Moodle is a course management system, which facilitates sharing of information within class populations; and
  • A SageAdvisor account, which is the online interface for student and employee activities such as online registration, paying registration fees, viewing grades and schedules, and other official academic and advising activities. Your SageNet ID and password grants you access to this system.

If you have trouble with any of your College user IDs or passwords, contact the Help Desk at (518) 244-4777 or