Semester, Program, Activity and Other Fees

The following fees are not refundable or subject to adjustment after the first day of classes. These fees are charged accordingly and in addition to the previously stated tuition, room and board charges.

Program Based Fees
ABA Practicum Fee $900
Student Teacher Placement Fee (per course section) $250
RWL fee $25 
Graduate Nursing Typhon $90
Activity Based Fees
Application Fee $30
Late Payment Fee $50
Transcript Request $8
Placement Service File $5
Diploma $95
Vehicle Registration (12/31) $50
Vehicle Registration (after 1/1 and before 4/30) $30
Vehicle Registration (after 6/1) $25
Returned Check Fee $25
Enrollment and Room Deposits  
All Sage Graduate School $50 (due at registration and refundable prior to the first day of class for a semester)