Registration, Course Planning, and Catalog Year

To plan a curriculum or a semester’s course of study, students should use the Catalog published the year they entered the College or any subsequent Catalog. It is the student’s responsibility to use the appropriate Catalog to outline course requirements and to inform the Registrar, in writing, of any desired change in catalog year. The catalog year may only be advanced; it may not be reversed. Degrees from accredited programs, or degrees that qualify students for certification, may require that students follow requirements subsequent to those in effect when the student matriculated.

A student must be sure to consider the prerequisite requirements for each course when planning their schedule; a student must have credit for or be enrolled in all prerequisites before enrolling in any course. A student may get permission to override a prerequisite only from the appropriate Dean or Program Director.

The College reserves the right to add, change, or delete curricular offerings and/or to make curricular refinements.