PTY 614: Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Therapist Practice

Class Program
Credits 2

This seminar assists students to develop and practice effective therapeutic relationship skills useful in today's challenging health care environment.  Students synthesize their part-time clinical education and personal experience with course content to strengthen existing styles and add new ones to their professional skill set.  Through discussion and interactive learning methods, students become more personally aware of themselves, the roles they are expected to play, the psychosocial aspects of physical therapy practice and how personal characteristics, experiences and mindsets influence the professional therapeutic interaction.  These may affect the professional/clinician professional behavior, clinical decision making and treatment outcomes.  Topics include: reflective practice, methods for effective stress management, values/beliefs as a foundation for cultural competence, facilitating health behavior change, moral/ethical decision making, collaborating for success, effective communication, providing compassionate care for people dealing with chronic conditions, changes in sexual functioning, multiple losses, death, and the grief process.  The class contains opportunities for students to apply seminar concepts through case scenarios, guided small group and whole class discussion, video analysis, in class writing, role-plays and interviews with faculty and patients/guests.