PTY 509: Patient/Client Management: Integumentary System with lab

Class Program
Credits 4

This course will examine the causes and physiologic characteristics of a variety of wounds. Intervention and prevention strategies will be discussed in detail. Wound dressings and their function in relation to wound characteristics will be discussed. Students will develop decision-making skills for the use of various types of wound dressing materials. Physical Therapy technologies and modalities will be discussed in relation to the phases of wound healing and their ability to contribute to the expected outcomes. Students will practice the use of standard and universal precautions while performing sharp debridement techniques and dressing applications. Therapeutic positioning techniques and pressure management medical devices will be used to achieve off-loading and wound prevention for a variety of client needs. This course is open only to students enrolled in the entry level DPT program. Students must be enrolled in PTY-509 Lab while taking this course.