PTY 507: Patient/Client Management: Musculoskeletal System I

Class Program
Credits 7

This course is an introduction to the patient with musculoskeletal impairments. Topics include musculoskeletal examination and evaluation, manual techniques therapeutic exercise, principles of training, documentation, coding as well as discussion of specific musculoskeletal topics, such as fractures, joint replacements, pediatric orthopedics, arthritis management, and amputation management.  Other topics include an introduction to the management of spinal dysfunction and physical therapist's role in oncology management.  Students will develop examination and manual skills including history, screening, posture assessment, orthopedic test and measures, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization and therapeutic exercise. The clinical decision making process is introduced via the use of patient problems and case studies.  This course is open only to students enrolled in the entry level DPT program.