PAD 595: Seminar in Public Management

Class Program
This course is designed to serve as the capstone of the master' concentration in public management. The class meetings will involve seminary discussions of the major issues of theory and practice in the field. A key aspect of the course is the writing and class presentation of a major research paper on an important problem in public management.
Advising Note
# Take PAD-576 PAD-578 PAD-560 PAD-574 PAD-568 PAD-558 PAD-563; # Take 3 courses; From courses PAD-562 PAD-572 PAD-593 PAD-559 PAD-561 PAD-579 PAD-590 PAD-591 PAD-566;

PAD 576 578 560 574 568 558 563 , three courses from PAD 554 570 586 588 581 HSA 557 556 555 573