OTH 611: Evaluation/Intervention: Adult Physical Rehabilitation I

This course provides an exploration of how occupational performance in adults is impacted by movement related issues.  Current theories of central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction, motor control and motor learning are examined.  Theoretical frames of reference that guide OT evaluation and intervention of CNS dysfunction are presented.  Evidence based practice as it applies to neurorehabilitation is explored.  Assessment and Intervention of neuromotor, cognitive and perceptual problems are explored using a client centered approach.  Particular focus is placed on neurotechnologies, relevant adjunctive therapies, movement, handling skills and occupation based intervention for movement related dysfunction.  Laboratory sessions focus on the development of observation, clinical reasoning and intervention planning skills for working with adults with CNS dysfunction.


Completion of OTH 501, OTH 503, and OTH 515/515L