OTH 606: Evaluation & Intervention: Hand/Upper Extremity Rehabilitation/Lab

The purpose of this course is to explore the occupational therapist's role with clients who have difficulty performing their everyday occupations due to common musculoskeletal problems, with an emphasis on the upper extremity / hand. Issues discussed include the impact of disabling events on occupational performance and the role of the occupational therapist in assisting the client to adapt their home, work and leisure activities, and environments. Students will learn the evaluation and intervention process, including planning, selecting appropriate methods, developing skills in assessment, and progressing interventions over time. Beginning documentation skills will be practiced in the form of evaluations, SOAP Notes, and intervention plans. The role of the Occupational Therapy Assistant in evaluation and intervention will be explored with a focus on the collaborative nature of the supervisory relationship. Laboratory activities will focus on clinical reasoning and skill in evaluation techniques, and planning/ implementing appropriate interventions. Universal precautions will be discussed and utilized in laboratory activities.


completion of OTH 507, and completion of OTH 514 or 515