OTH 507: Functional Anatomy & Applied Kinesiology/Labs A and B

This course provides an overview of the anatomical and movement dimensions of human occupation. Emphasis is on understanding how musculoskeletal function within an environmental context can support or hinder occupation. Case based discussions focus the concepts in both lecture and lab. Through lectures, discussions, and experiential learning, students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic relationship among movement, environment and occupation. The impact of pathology and aging on the biomechanics of human posture and movement will be introduced. Students will also develop a proficiency in anatomy/medical terminology. Two labs accompany this lecture. In the Functional Anatomy lab, students utilize problem based learning to explore the prosected cadaver specimen. In the Applied Kinesiology lab, students develop skills in palpation, biomechanical activity analysis, and the assessment of range of motion, strength and resultant occupational performance within the context of normal movement.


Matriculated student in the OT program