MBA 630: Recruitment & Retention

In this course, students will be introduced to two critical human resource functions: (1) talent acquisition and retention for staffing the organization, and; (2) the training and development processes for improving organizational performance and creating a learning organization.

The course presents the theoretical framework and practical tactics for acquisition and retention of talent necessary to achieve the business objectives of the organization.  Topics will include: employment and staffing strategy, human resource planning, recruitment, assessment, selection and decision-making, negotiation and retention strategies.  The importance of linking staffing and talent management to business strategies, objectives and competitive challenges will be emphasized.  Students will learn the principles and techniques for competing in the war for talent.

The course will also provide an introduction to the concepts, processes and issues associated with workforce training and development.  This includes strategy and assessment of training requirements and the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of training programs.  In addition, we will discuss best practices in individual, management, leadership and organizational development.