GNT 504: Health Policy for Aging

Class Program
Public policy and service delivery for America's aging population and end of life care appear to be at a crossroads as our society struggles to meet the demands of competing political philosophies, advances in medical technology and a rapidly changing demographic profile. In the current political debate the only thing that is clear is the inevitability of change and the certain challenge to existing social, political and economic institutions. This course provides an overview of the significant social and health care policies and programs that effect end of life care,aging populations as well as diverse and vulnerable populations. The course also focuses on the public policy making process and policy analysis. Areas for in-depth analysis will include: health care, income security, long term care, end of life issues, health care finance and formal and informal support systems. When ever possible the course content will be related to the students' work in their major area of study and their professional fields. Particular attention will be paid to Social Security and Medicare, budget deficits, political ideology and how they are employed as issues in the political arena.