Endowed Graduate Scholarships

The endowed scholarships listed below are awarded to graduate students. These awards are restricted as noted and are not available every year as they may be fully awarded to continuing students. For information, contact Office of Financial Aid.

Daniel A. Cowan Scholarship For a student at Sage Graduate School who is an entrepreneur or owns their own business and is paying for his or her own education.

Elizabeth M. Desch, RSC ‘36, Physical Therapy Scholarship To female Physical Therapy students who are attending or have graduated from Russell Sage College with financial need.

George I. Alden Trust Endowed Scholarship To students from Massachusetts.

Helen Webb Mancheski Scholarship For physical therapy students

Linda Thomas Franklin, RSC ‘78, Scholarship in Nursing To a student enrolled full time in the Nursing program with preference given to minorities and then single parents.

Louis & Hortense Rubin Community Fellows Program This is a cooperative venture among the faculty of Sage, RPI, HVCC, Emma Willard, and participating agencies of Rensselaer County, administered by Sage. The fellowship provides for faculty to strengthen the participating agencies in the region, as well as for part-time consulting. In the fall of each year there is an informational forum followed by an application process. For more information on the Rubin Community Fellowship Program visit www.sage.edu/sgs/research/Rubin

Marjorie A. Mellor Nursing Scholarship To Nursing majors with financial need.

Please refer questions to the Office of Financial Aid at (518) 292-1783