EDL 744: Foundations of Inquiry IV

Class Program

Systemic research is essential to improve the effectiveness of school systems and inform leadership decisions. In this course of the research sequence, the individual researchers and their research team will present study results in scholary written journal/conference proposal.  Additionally, presentation of individual research to the doctoral committees will follow.  For EDL 748, which this course precedes, each individual and team will also present their final research for a colloquia of invited guests including regional and statewide school leaders.  The complexities, the competing interests, and the systemic view characteristic of district leadership within the research problems will be fully examined.  This course will conclude with reflective engagement by all members of the cohort to self assess their team effectiveness.  Furthermore POP teams will submit a draft of the Conference Proposal or Journal Article (CP/JA) document including: Abstract, Purpose Statement, Literature Review/Framework and Methods.