Conditions of Financial Aid Awards

  • All aid is awarded on an annual basis and aid amounts are credited to student accounts for each semester’s charges.
  • Refunds of any excess credit will be made approximately halfway through each term through the Student Services Office. Refunds are generated when the student account reflects a credit balance resulting from direct payments and/or the posting of financial aid.
  • Since aid is awarded on the basis of annual financial information from students, and college costs change each year, financial aid awards may vary depending on the changing circumstances.
  • Outside sources of assistance - such as private scholarships and Adult Career Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) - must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. Financial aid already awarded could be modified as a result.
  • All awards of federal or state aid are tentative, pending approval and receipt of funds from the source.
  • Costs on which financial aid eligibility is calculated include direct expenses such as tuition and fees and indirect costs such as books/supplies, personal expenses, transportation and at-home maintenance.