An Overview of Russell Sage College

Russell Sage College is an independent comprehensive university delivering degrees in 71 major areas of study. Sage serves more than 2,500 students each year on two campuses, in Albany and Troy, New York; and through Sage Online for distance learning courses and programs.

Russell Sage College offers bachelor’s degrees in the traditional liberal arts and sciences as well as in selected professional fields, including business, creative arts in therapy, criminal justice, education, health sciences, nursing, nutrition science, and theatre. More than 50 percent of graduates each year pursue advanced degrees, many through accelerated programs with Sage Graduate School.

Sage Graduate Schools are a coeducational environment offering advanced study for practice and leadership through master’s degrees and post-master’s certification in professional disciplines, as well as the doctorate in physical therapy, nursing science, and educational leadership. Areas of specialty include business and management, education, health services administration, nursing, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and psychology. Sage Graduate School serves both recent college graduates and individuals already at work in their professions.

The motto of Russell Sage College, “To Be, To Know, To Do,” informs the educational purpose where the common effort is to translate learning into action and application, within a framework of value that recognizes the obligation of educated persons to lead and serve their communities.

Presidents of Sage

Eliza Kellas 1916-1928
Dr. James Laurence Meader 1928-1942
Helen McKinstry 1942-1946
Dr. Lewis A. Froman 1948-1969
Dr. Charles U. Walker 1970-1975
Edgar S. Pitkin (Interim) 1975
Dr. William F. Kahl 1976-1988
Dr. Sara S. Chapman 1988-1995
Dr. Jeanne H. Neff 1995-2008
Dr. Susan C. Scrimshaw 2009-2017
Dr. Christopher Ames 2017-