Adjustments for Tuition, Room and Board Charges

A student who notifies the College of his or her withdrawal or leave of absence in writing and in accordance with the College’s withdrawal policy is eligible for an adjustment to tuition, room and board charges in accordance with the following schedules. Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from a class or the College.

Any student receiving Federal (Title IV) financial aid may be required to return a portion of their aid to the granting agency if they separate from Russell Sage College prior to the end of a semester. Any adjustment for tuition, room or board charges may be less than the amount of aid that must be returned and may create a liability to the College that must be paid by the student.

The date of official academic withdrawal as recorded by the Registrar’s Office is the basis of all adjustments for tuition, room and board charges. It is important that the student adhere to the following processes to ensure that the correct adjustment is applied to their account.