Academic Standing/Criteria for Continuation

Students maintain acceptable academic standing by meeting the following criteria:

  • an average of “B” or above (GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale),
  • completion of program within the specified time limits,
  • no more than two “Incomplete” or “RP” grades on the transcript,
  • a ratio of “Attempted” to “Completed” credits, excluding credits in the current semester, of .5 or better,
  • an acceptable level of professional behavior.

To maintain matriculation students must complete one course each year (September-August) at Sage Graduate Schools.

Students who do not maintain acceptable academic standing are subject to dismissal from the program, based on the recommendation of the program director. If such dismissal becomes necessary, fees will not be refunded or remitted, in whole or in part, and neither Sage nor any of its officers shall be liable whatsoever for such exclusion.